Prevent Binge Eating

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Nuts & Apple

Southwest Airlines knew what they were doing when they offered nuts as their free snack.  Nuts are satisfying and curb hunger quickly.  Plus they come in handy little bags.    Make sure you don’t overdo as they are high in calories.  The little SW Airlines pack is a good amount to snack on.  Add an apple to make it more filling

Cheese Stick

Those mozzarella cheese stick we keep on hand for our children make a great low calories, satisfying snack for adults.   Place it in a little bag and keep in your purse or at your desk so you are ready when those hunger pangs hit.  Add an apple to make it more satisfying.

Greek yoghurt & Chia Seeds

Natural yoghurt topped with Chia seeds and a dab of local honey make a great snack.  Look for our next blog on the benefits of Chia Seeds.

Veggie sticks & Hummus

Hummus with veggie sticks make an ideal afternoon snack.  Load a baggie with celery, cucumber & bell peppers.   Hummus is loaded with fiber and protein which helps curb hunger.


Avocado is probably the most filling of all the snack.  Pack a whole avocado in a bag with a plastic knife when ready to eat slice the skin, peel it and eat it like an apple right off the seed.

Rice cakes with cottage cheese

 Snack on brown rice cakes topped with cottage cheese topped with  sprinkle of cinnamon and local honey.   The protein in the cottage cheese is satisfying, the cinnamon regulates blood sugar, local honey helps prevent allergies and the rice cake simply give you something to chew on.

Miso soup

In the colder months give organic miso soup a try.  You can find single serving containers which make it easy to pop one in a coffee cup, microwave it and enjoy.    Miso is made from fermented soy beans and taste better than most would expect.

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