Need a chocolate fix? Try Cocoa nibs

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Is the love of chocolate ruining your diet?


Satisfy your craving with cocoa nibs!


What’s a Cocoa nib you ask?

Nibs are the fermented and roasted bean from the Theobroma cacao tree, the source of the sugary delight we know as chocolate. While the Spanish were the first to introduce chocolate to Europe, these beans have been consumed by the Mokaya people since 1900 BC.

Cocoa nibs are at least 70% dark chocolate and have its bitter taste – but the goodness in them is hugely beneficial to our bodies. So you can still get your chocolate fix even when you’re on a health kick!

Here are five health benefits of eating cocoa nibs:

Magnesium – This is something that many people lack – but by having one ounce of bittersweet cocoa nibs, 64 mg of magnesium will be making its way into your body. This helps to strengthen your bones as well as improve nerve and muscle function.
Potassium – By not having enough potassium in your body you can be left open to a higher risk of strokes, arthritis, high blood pressure and more. Eating just one ounce of cocoa nibs will provide your body with 183 mg of potassium.
Fibre – Cocoa nibs are a great source of fibre, contain a whopping 9 g per ounce. Fibre is crucial for helping to control your blood pressure and ensuring regular bowel movements. In fact, nibs have countless nutrients that your body craves: such as calcium, zinc, copper and iron. All of these are important for keeping you healthy and allowing you to enjoy the delicious treats you crave.
Mood booster – As many women out there will know, chocolate is a must when going through a bad break-up or watching a sad film. But cocoa nibs will provide you with just as much of a mood boost as eating a bar of Cadbury’s. It may not look as pretty, but it still does the job!
Tasty – The bitter aftertaste of cocoa nibs can leave you feeling somewhat disappointed if you’re used to the sweetness of chocolate – but there are many ways to make this bean tasty. Try putting it into cookies instead of chocolate chips, or even use it in savoury dishes: you can sprinkle nibs on salad instead of using nuts or seeds.

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