Laqueta Slim after 10 years

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Still slim after 10 Years!

  2015  Still a size 6                                               2005  Size 22 to 6

10 years later Laqueta 2015                          Laqueta HF story 001

It’s been 10 years since Laqueta’s story was published in Health & Fitness Magazine.  She is more beautiful than ever and recently married the man of her dreams.  Laqueta’s discipline and her strong faith in God has helped her stay healthy and keep her weight off for over 10 years!    She continues to follow all the principles she learned years ago from the HealthyFix Nutrition Course.  One important way she stays on track is by varying her diet and workout program.  She also follows the basic principle of eating fresh foods when possible.    She does not eat chicken, watches her sodium intake and avoids white flour and sugar.  She limits herself to eating desserts on holidays.  Every few months she “splurges” on an Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt!

She continues to workout regularly and is currently enrolled in a boot camp.    One of her favorite exercise machines is the elypitcal where she does interval speed traning – going maximum speed for one minute then back to moderate speed for four to five minutes, then repeat.   Since she doesn’t have a workout partner she has to force herself to stay motivated.  She never thinks of going back to the overweight person she used to be – that is simply not an option!

Thank you Laqueta for sharing your story!  We know it will serve as an inspiration to many others.


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