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2 Things to help your Metabolism

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Should I drink more coffee and possibly move to get my metabolism going?

Thinking woman

Turns out there is two things you can do to improve your metabolic rate and increase your fat burning ability. One is easy the other may take some planning.  Drinking coffee can help.  Caffeine is a stimulant, so it raises your metabolic rate. This is why it is often an ingredient in weight-loss diet supplements. Studies have shown that one cup of American coffee can increase metabolism by about 3% to 4% for a short time.  Avoid adding sugar or artificial sweeteners as that could defeat the purpose.

Been thinking about moving?  Consider the climate you as a way to increase your health and fat burning ability.  Turns out temperature does effect your metabolism.   Your body has to work hard to maintain its optimal natural temperature. In cold weather, your metabolism must speed up to keep your body warm. And in hot weather, your metabolism has to speed up to keep you cool. People living in tropical climates have a resting metabolic rate that’s 5% to 20% higher than people living in more temperate regions, estimates show.

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Laqueta Slim after 10 years

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Still slim after 10 Years!

  2015  Still a size 6                                               2005  Size 22 to 6

10 years later Laqueta 2015                          Laqueta HF story 001

It’s been 10 years since Laqueta’s story was published in Health & Fitness Magazine.  She is more beautiful than ever and recently married the man of her dreams.  Laqueta’s discipline and her strong faith in God has helped her stay healthy and keep her weight off for over 10 years!    She continues to follow all the principles she learned years ago from the HealthyFix Nutrition Course.  One important way she stays on track is by varying her diet and workout program.  She also follows the basic principle of eating fresh foods when possible.    She does not eat chicken, watches her sodium intake and avoids white flour and sugar.  She limits herself to eating desserts on holidays.  Every few months she “splurges” on an Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt!

She continues to workout regularly and is currently enrolled in a boot camp.    One of her favorite exercise machines is the elypitcal where she does interval speed traning – going maximum speed for one minute then back to moderate speed for four to five minutes, then repeat.   Since she doesn’t have a workout partner she has to force herself to stay motivated.  She never thinks of going back to the overweight person she used to be – that is simply not an option!

Thank you Laqueta for sharing your story!  We know it will serve as an inspiration to many others.


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Need a chocolate fix? Try Cocoa nibs

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Is the love of chocolate ruining your diet?


Satisfy your craving with cocoa nibs!


What’s a Cocoa nib you ask?

Nibs are the fermented and roasted bean from the Theobroma cacao tree, the source of the sugary delight we know as chocolate. While the Spanish were the first to introduce chocolate to Europe, these beans have been consumed by the Mokaya people since 1900 BC.

Cocoa nibs are at least 70% dark chocolate and have its bitter taste – but the goodness in them is hugely beneficial to our bodies. So you can still get your chocolate fix even when you’re on a health kick!

Here are five health benefits of eating cocoa nibs:

Magnesium – This is something that many people lack – but by having one ounce of bittersweet cocoa nibs, 64 mg of magnesium will be making its way into your body. This helps to strengthen your bones as well as improve nerve and muscle function.
Potassium – By not having enough potassium in your body you can be left open to a higher risk of strokes, arthritis, high blood pressure and more. Eating just one ounce of cocoa nibs will provide your body with 183 mg of potassium.
Fibre – Cocoa nibs are a great source of fibre, contain a whopping 9 g per ounce. Fibre is crucial for helping to control your blood pressure and ensuring regular bowel movements. In fact, nibs have countless nutrients that your body craves: such as calcium, zinc, copper and iron. All of these are important for keeping you healthy and allowing you to enjoy the delicious treats you crave.
Mood booster – As many women out there will know, chocolate is a must when going through a bad break-up or watching a sad film. But cocoa nibs will provide you with just as much of a mood boost as eating a bar of Cadbury’s. It may not look as pretty, but it still does the job!
Tasty – The bitter aftertaste of cocoa nibs can leave you feeling somewhat disappointed if you’re used to the sweetness of chocolate – but there are many ways to make this bean tasty. Try putting it into cookies instead of chocolate chips, or even use it in savoury dishes: you can sprinkle nibs on salad instead of using nuts or seeds.

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Prevent Binge Eating

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Nuts & Apple

Southwest Airlines knew what they were doing when they offered nuts as their free snack.  Nuts are satisfying and curb hunger quickly.  Plus they come in handy little bags.    Make sure you don’t overdo as they are high in calories.  The little SW Airlines pack is a good amount to snack on.  Add an apple to make it more filling

Cheese Stick

Those mozzarella cheese stick we keep on hand for our children make a great low calories, satisfying snack for adults.   Place it in a little bag and keep in your purse or at your desk so you are ready when those hunger pangs hit.  Add an apple to make it more satisfying.

Greek yoghurt & Chia Seeds

Natural yoghurt topped with Chia seeds and a dab of local honey make a great snack.  Look for our next blog on the benefits of Chia Seeds.

Veggie sticks & Hummus

Hummus with veggie sticks make an ideal afternoon snack.  Load a baggie with celery, cucumber & bell peppers.   Hummus is loaded with fiber and protein which helps curb hunger.


Avocado is probably the most filling of all the snack.  Pack a whole avocado in a bag with a plastic knife when ready to eat slice the skin, peel it and eat it like an apple right off the seed.

Rice cakes with cottage cheese

 Snack on brown rice cakes topped with cottage cheese topped with  sprinkle of cinnamon and local honey.   The protein in the cottage cheese is satisfying, the cinnamon regulates blood sugar, local honey helps prevent allergies and the rice cake simply give you something to chew on.

Miso soup

In the colder months give organic miso soup a try.  You can find single serving containers which make it easy to pop one in a coffee cup, microwave it and enjoy.    Miso is made from fermented soy beans and taste better than most would expect.

Learn more about healthy eating by enrolling in the HealthyFix Nutrition Course

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