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Sally’s Story

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Sally’s Secret

‘People always want to know my ‘secret’ and I’m always willing to share it with them!’ Sally Vasquez

Like most working mothers I typically have very little time for myself. I work full time as a medical assistant and didn’t have the energy at the end of each day to spend with my three children. I tried time and time again to lose weight but always failed. I was frustrated because I really tried hard to make it work.

I was so excited to find the HealthyFix program! The fact that it was so simple made my husband want to try it with me. The changes I’ve made have transformed my body; I lost 44 pounds and have gone from a size 18 to a size 6. My husband Eddie also lost weight with me, which made it even more fun. The most exciting thing is that I have kept my weight off for over a year!

I never had a weight problem until I turned 14. It really hit me hard when one of my relatives told me I was fat. Although I knew I was attractive, those comments hurt my self-confidence. That is when my obsession with dieting began. As hard as I tried I could not lose weight. Out of desperation I started taking diet drugs. I did lose weight but didn’t feel healthy. So I stopped taking them and started exercising and trying to eat less.

Years passed and I struggled to keep my weight down. With my first child the weight started creeping back. By the time my third child was born I was the largest I had ever been at size 18. I tried exercise and diet but nothing worked. The harder I exercised the more frustrated I would get because I couldn’t lose weight.

Then one day I saw my sister-in-law, Lisa, who I had not seen in a long time. I was amazed how fit she looked. I wanted to know how she did it. She told me how HealthyFix had changed her life. She not only lost her weight but became a certified nutritional consultant. Much to my amazement she was so fit she was competing in fitness competitions. It was not my goal to be a fitness competitor; I just wanted to stop constantly struggling with my weight. Since HealthyFix had worked so well for Lisa I decided to give it a try.

Lisa helped me understand the importance of a balanced diet and the importance of not starving myself. She also assured me the HealthyFix supplements would help me stay on track with my eating and exercise since they are designed and manufactured from natural foods. It was great to know I wasn’t taking a ‘diet pill’ and I felt really good about taking the supplements three times a day.

I was encouraged to eat normal foods. HealthyFix made it simple for me by telling me to eat a fist size of protein and carbohydrates at each meal. I was told to add healthy fats such as fish, olive oil, nuts and seeds. My goal was to focus on eating foods that are not processed; foods that were as close to the natural state as possible. I didn’t have to eliminate any foods or follow a strict eating plan. After a short time I noticed that I began craving healthy foods more than I ever had. Every other diet had restricted me from eating certain foods so the HealthyFix program was true freedom for me!

After six weeks I noticed my clothes getting looser! The best part was that I felt more energetic and began to exercise more. Since I didn’t have time to go to the gym, I used a treadmill and stair stepper at home. I also did sit ups. My consultant gave me tips on eating healthier. Without much effort I stopped drinking so many sodas and began drinking more water.

Everyone began to notice my transformation and wanted to know my ‘secret’. That encouraged me even more. The inches and pounds really started melting away. After four months I was down to 148 pounds. Not only did I lose all the weight but I also won $500 in the HealthyFix Transformation Contest.

Today I continue to work out, eat right and take HealthyFix supplements. I am excited about the way I look and feel! I do Pilates two or three times a week and actually look forward to exercise. I am thrilled to be back in shape and am confident I know the secret to staying that way. I am not shy about sharing with others what worked for me and love helping others see how easy it is to lose weight and keep it off. It all starts with nutritional balance!

Health and Fitness Magazine Story Published January 2005

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My Day:

15 – 30 minutes before each meal – EnergyFix, SlimFix,  Veggi Fix

Breakfast – 100% whole-wheat toast with natural peanut butter

Snack at 10 AM – fresh fruit

Lunch – either a sandwich or a ProteinFix smoothie

Snack at 3 PM – fresh fruit or fresh veggies

Dinner – Fish (salmon or cod), broiled chicken, steamed veggies, sweet potato or rice


*Results vary – you may lose more or less.  These participants began exercising after being on the program a short time.  These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.  These products are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease.



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Processed Food Facts

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CNC GirlI am frequently asked “how I know if the food I am eating is processed?”

Before writing this blog I read set out to see what other experts have to say about the subject of “processed food”.    It was fascinated by the many wordy articles written on the subject.    As I started to write my own blog I realized I was heading in the same direction trying to explain something that is really not that difficult.   Then I remembered exactly why I started this company over 25 years ago.   I wanted to share with others how easy it is to be healthy. The more we try to complicate our lives with the next newest diet fad the worse we become.

There are some principles in life that never change and how we fuel our body is one of them.  God gave us an abundant supply of wonderfully delicious foods yet man still wants to figure out ways to tell us it’s not good enough.  Like Eve in the garden tempting Adam the world is trying to tell us what God has for us is not good enough. Unless you are consuming foods from your garden all foods we consume is processed to some degree.

I recommend you stop trying to overthink how you eat and simply eat simple pure foods.  The less they are handled by men before you eat them the better.  It’s really that simple.    Use the brain God gave you and stop thinking you need someone to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.  The truth is inside you if you simply stop and give it some thought.

Our nutrition course teaches simple ways to understand which foods actually provide nutrition to our bodies and those that simply fill us up with unproductive calories.  So if you feel like you really need to know more  enroll in our Online Nutrition Course.

Consciously Blessed!



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