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What’s so great about coconut oil?

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Coconut oil comes has become very popular these days.  Is it as good as people say it is?  Since coconut oil from its medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) it actually is!   This type of fat is rapidly metabolized in the liver so it’s immediately available as an energy source; it’s also easier to burn off and harder to store as fat. Some MCTs, like lauric acid, work to keep you healthy by eliminating disease-causing microbes and lowering inflammation.

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs): Extracted from coconut oil, MCTs have been shown to play an important functional role in the body. Very little MCT gets converted into body fat because MCTs are rapidly burned for energy. Studies indicate that MCTs will not increase serum cholesterol levels.

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MCTs represent an exciting new frontier in health and nutrition promising a true “fatless fat.” MCT benefits include:

  • Fast energy—Converts to energy much faster than regular oils
  • Less fat storage—Little gets stored in fat cells
  • Helps stabilize brain waves
  • Metabolized without bile—Gives gallbladder a rest
  • Maintains LDL levels
  • Lower caloric content (8.7 calories per gram)
  • May increase HDL levels
  • Improves absorption of Vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium

Unlike most other cooking oils, MCTs are extremely stable—they do not readily become oxidized. Removing the palmitic acid and other negative elements present in the coconut oil, the extraction separates the medium-chain fatty acids. The end product is concentrated in 8-carbon length caprylic acid and 10-carbon length capric acid in a blended ratio of approximately 2 to 1. Glycerin removed in the initial extraction is returned and used to esterify the MCTs. The result is HealthyFix MCT Oil.

Suggested Use: We recommend using MCTs as a supplemental oil, substituting it for some of the usual oil in your diet. It should not be used as a replacement for all the oils in your diet. Recommended use is 1-3 tablespoons per day.

Use MCTs as you would use butter, mixed with maltodextrin products such as Butter Buds®, to bring out a superior butter taste. Use MCTs on your toast, salad, for sautéing, or as a topping for entrées – let your imagination run wild! Because MCTs have a low boiling point, they should not be used for frying (which is not a beneficial cooking technique anyway).

Ingredients: 8-carbon and 10-carbon medium-chain triglycerides from coconut oil and glycerine.

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2 Things to help your Metabolism

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Should I drink more coffee and possibly move to get my metabolism going?

Thinking woman

Turns out there is two things you can do to improve your metabolic rate and increase your fat burning ability. One is easy the other may take some planning.  Drinking coffee can help.  Caffeine is a stimulant, so it raises your metabolic rate. This is why it is often an ingredient in weight-loss diet supplements. Studies have shown that one cup of American coffee can increase metabolism by about 3% to 4% for a short time.  Avoid adding sugar or artificial sweeteners as that could defeat the purpose.

Been thinking about moving?  Consider the climate you as a way to increase your health and fat burning ability.  Turns out temperature does effect your metabolism.   Your body has to work hard to maintain its optimal natural temperature. In cold weather, your metabolism must speed up to keep your body warm. And in hot weather, your metabolism has to speed up to keep you cool. People living in tropical climates have a resting metabolic rate that’s 5% to 20% higher than people living in more temperate regions, estimates show.

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