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Processed Food Facts

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CNC GirlI am frequently asked “how I know if the food I am eating is processed?”

Before writing this blog I read set out to see what other experts have to say about the subject of “processed food”.    It was fascinated by the many wordy articles written on the subject.    As I started to write my own blog I realized I was heading in the same direction trying to explain something that is really not that difficult.   Then I remembered exactly why I started this company over 25 years ago.   I wanted to share with others how easy it is to be healthy. The more we try to complicate our lives with the next newest diet fad the worse we become.

There are some principles in life that never change and how we fuel our body is one of them.  God gave us an abundant supply of wonderfully delicious foods yet man still wants to figure out ways to tell us it’s not good enough.  Like Eve in the garden tempting Adam the world is trying to tell us what God has for us is not good enough. Unless you are consuming foods from your garden all foods we consume is processed to some degree.

I recommend you stop trying to overthink how you eat and simply eat simple pure foods.  The less they are handled by men before you eat them the better.  It’s really that simple.    Use the brain God gave you and stop thinking you need someone to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.  The truth is inside you if you simply stop and give it some thought.

Our nutrition course teaches simple ways to understand which foods actually provide nutrition to our bodies and those that simply fill us up with unproductive calories.  So if you feel like you really need to know more  enroll in our Online Nutrition Course.

Consciously Blessed!



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